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Our next school store is Thursday, April 4th!  We will have some fun and exciting items for sale.  Rangers will have an opportunity to shop our store, located in the LGI, during their designated grade-level times. 

We will have a wide array of items priced from .25 cents to 6 dollars.  If your Ranger would like to participate in the school store, please send cash or check (made payable to WCE PTA) on Thursday, April 4th

School store schedule:

Kinder 8:25-8:55am
1st Grade 9:20-9:50am 
2nd Grade 9:55-10:25am
3rd Grade 11:40am-12:10pm 
4th Grade 2:10-2:40pm 
5th Grade 1:35-2:05pm 
ECAP/YCAP and Open Store 10:25-11:40am

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Thursday, April 2, 2020

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