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August Volunteers of the Month

Naomi Pipes - VP of Membership

Wendy Mensik - President

Stacy Waldrop - Parlimentarian, Yearbook

Kara Chaumont - VP Programs

Jennifer Bayles - Treasurer

Amanda Christmann - Secretary

Karla Harms - VP Communications

Mindy Pitcock - VP Ways and MEans

Carla Cotton - VP Volunteers


September Volunteers of the Month

Corinne Witmer - Workroom, VIPS

Rebecca Griffin - ECAP Homeroom Mom

Ashely Thompson - Hospitality

Selene Simmons - VIPS

Kelly Stevens - Workroom, 1st Grade Homeroom Coordinator

October Volunteers of the Month

Richelle Abrigo - Ranger World

Kathy Caldwell - Fall Fundraiser

Jim Galpin - Watch Dog Dads

Sara Griffin - Ranger Science

Amanda Hartz - Ranger World

Deanie Veselka - Mother/Son Night and VIPs Workday


November Volunteers of the Month

Natalie Mountford - Homeroom Parent Coordinator, 3rd Grade

Rachel Sturr - Homeroom Parent Coordinator, Kinder, VIPS Workday

Heather Journeycake - Junior Achievement 

Kristy Mount - Homeroom Parent Coordinator/Homeroom Parties

Jessica Hansen - Homeroom Parent Coordinator, 4th Grade

Fiona Day - Spirit Stick Store



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