Capital Project Process


We began the process last January getting quotes for improvements for our playground. Once we had completed our Boosterthon Fundraiser, and finalized amendments to our budget, we voted in May to proceed with the selected improvements. Then building modification requests are submitted to the district for approval. Once they are approved, we have to get a land survey before benches and tables can be installed (which we are currently waiting on). We are still waiting on mulch for the new connection between the playgrounds, water filling stations to be delivered, and vendor approval for the thermoplastic “painting” of the concrete areas. Typically capital projects can take up to a year to complete, so please know that we are working diligently to get these projects completed but we do have to go through the district level and they have many other schools to tend to also. I wanted to give you some insight to the very involved behind the scenes process.    

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New this year, you can download the new mobile app, scan your store receipt, which will automatically analyze which products were box-tops and tabulate the amount that will be donated to our school! Scan your receipt within 14 days.

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You may still send in Box Tops in Ziploc bags or an envelope in groups of 50 if possible. Please make sure they are not expired, BTFE will not accept expired Box Tops.

Don't forget to label them with your student's teacher and grade. 


This fall instead of selling cookie dough or gift wrap, we are raising money through your direct donations. This means 100% of the money raised will be used to support WCE Programs and Events!  


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Our spring Silent Auction has the *most* exclusive items! Want to name one of the school driveways? Need a reserved parking spot? The only place to get those items (and many others) is at the online auction! 

Our Peppermint Market School is December 12th


We will have some fun and exciting items for sale. Rangers will have an opportunity to shop our store, located in the LGI, during their designated grade-level times. We will have a wide array of items priced from 25 cents to 6 dollars. If your Ranger would like to participate in the school store, please send cash or check (made payable to WCE PTA).


Join your WCE friends for dinner at local restaurants who give back a portion of the proceeds to our school.  



During this sale, we will offer an array of fun, novelty sticks available through the Spirit Stick
program. Sticks are priced at $1 each.

Please send your Ranger's spirit stick store money in a sealed envelope or ziploc, labeled with
his/her name. Checks will be accepted, made payable to the WCE PTA. Change will be given.


What are Spirit Sticks? Spirit Sticks are small, embroidered patches (“sticks”) students can
display on their backpacks. Students are able to earn sticks throughout the school year as well
as purchase novelty sticks at Spirit Stick Stores and some WCE Spirit Events.




ECAP/YCAP - 8:00-8:50

Kinder - 11:30-12:30
1st Grade - 8:50-9:40  
2nd Grade - 9:45-10:35 
3rd Grade - 2:15-3:05 
4th Grade - 12:30-1:20
5th Grade - 1:25-2:15
 Open Store - 10:35-11:30


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