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RANGER WORLD is a volunteer program focused on providing cultural exposure through hands-on activities and volunteer presentations.  Our goal is to encompass the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) requirements for each grade level and to complement classroom learning.


What is the purpose of RANGER WORLD? RANGER WORLD is an in-school field trip designed around a grade-level theme that coordinates with the classroom curriculum. The PTA coordinates sessions and demonstrations incorporating grade-specific TEKS requirements.


How does RANGER WORLD work? Each RANGER WORLD day has multiple stations and each homeroom class spends a set amount of time with each station.  Most stations include a hands-on activity, craft, demonstration, and lesson.


Who leads the stations? Each station requires a volunteer leader with several helpers. On the day of the event, students will rotate through the various stations with hands-on learning through skits, crafts, and games.


How can you help? RANGER WORLD requires coordinators, station leaders, setup, cleanup, and hands-on volunteers for the day of the event. We also have many preparation activities that can be done at home in advance.


What is the time commitment required? Whether you have 1 hour to give or a whole day, at school or at home, we’d love any help you can provide!


Why should you become a RANGER WORLD volunteer? Experience this awesome on-campus field trip alongside your child and their peers. Find out what they are learning about in school, and help reinforce the learning through RANGER WORLD activities.



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