Junior Achievement is a great venue for volunteering because it allows volunteers to build a relationship with students in a classroom. Volunteers attend training hosted by Katy ISD JA staff and are given a satchel-full of step-by-step materials relevant to the class they're teaching. Students all learn about work-readiness, entrepreneurship and how to dream big in the business world.


At WCE, we look for one to two volunteers per classroom to teach or co-teach the lessons. K,1,2 and 5th grades teach the lesson in five separate lessons at dates and times arranged between the volunteer and teacher. 3rd and 4th grades teach the lessons in one day. For the 2019-2020 school year, 3rd Grade JA is scheduled for Feb 28 and 4th Grade JA is scheduled for Jan 24. Third and Fourth grade will be part of a High School partnership.


Click here to learn a little more about the curriculum for each grade level.


Questions? Please email ja@myrangerpta.org.


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