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 Submitting Photos for the Yearbook


Did you know that our yearbook is mostly created with your photo?  We need the photos that you have taken with your smartphone or camera throughout the year of WCE events. Throughout the year we will be collecting the photos via "Photo Round-Up" Google Forms or with the "Direct Image Upload Link" below.  Click on the "Photo Round-Up" image below for the event and start uploading. We have created forms for each event so that we can place them correctly in the yearbook. Please help up stay organized and upload your images as soon as you can.  The yearbook pages are completed and submitted through the year and completely submitted before Spring Break, so get your photo in quickly after events.

No late photo can be accepted. 


Only JPEG Formatted Images 

Direct Images Upload for the Yearbook

 Photo Round-Up #2

Images Due By 2/28/21



 Photo Round-Up #1

Images Due By 11/26/21

Photos summited after 11/26 may not make the yearbook pages.