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What is BizTown?

BizTown is an off-campus, all-day Junior Achievement Event for our 5th Grade Rangers. It’s an exciting opportunity for our enterprising Rangers to run their very own town. The Junior Achievement BizTown facility has been created to look just like a town! Rangers will work at one of the following businesses/town offices:


City Hall
Radio Station
Snack Shack
Grocery Store
And more!


The goal of every BizTown business is to raise sufficient capital to pay off their business loan, which they accrue at the beginning of the day. Every retail business has a CEO, CFO, sales force, etc. Each role has specific duties and is allocated different salaries. Students are given the opportunity to venture out to spend their BizTown earnings on items the other businesses are selling. Everything is entered into computers managed by the CFOs. Students have to open bank accounts, balance checkbooks, collect bills, set pricing, and sell merchandise. Good citizenship is also a cornerstone of the program. Students make their own town rules and if they are found violating them, they are fined by the sheriff and have to present their case to the judge. Rules apply to adult volunteers, too!

When is BizTown?

Thank you for helping make this a success! Please check back for the 2020 date.


Volunteer Information

We need 56 volunteers to make BizTown a success. We hope you will make time for this wonderful opportunity!



Training Schedule



To attend the day of the field trip you must attend the Mandatory Volunteer Meeting and you must sign up for the Student Training Part I & II. This will help you to know what to expect at BizTown, as well as how to assist the students. The training days consist of a Job Fair (Part I) and then preparing their business/office for BizTown (Part II). These Student training days will help familiarize you with your store and students and to help the day run smoothly.


The number of volunteers that BizTown facility allows is capped.  As a result, these spots fill quickly on a  first-come, first-served basis!  Volunteers will not be assigned the same location as their child. We ask that each family sign up one family member per student. If there is additional volunteer positions available, we will open sign ups to additional family members, friends, and neighbors.



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