Book Fair Volunteers Needed

Scholastic Book Fair is coming to our Library and Ms. Baker needs help with setup, preview days, and sales. Volunteer times vary and are listed in the sign-up below. Thank you for encouraging our students to read.


Volunteer for the Book Fair

Shopping the Book Fair

Your students may come home with a bookfair shopping list, this is a list of books the volunteers have helped them write down with pricing to help you send an appropriate amount of money to school for purchase. If you do not feel comfortable sending money to school with your student Scholastic has a great eWallet option. Find our school at

Teacher Wishlist at the Book Fair

Did you know teachers have book wishlists for their classrooms at the book fair?  Teachers love books and love to add new books to their classrooms to keep their students excited about reading. If you would like to purchase some books off of your teacher's wishlist, visit the round table to the left in the Library to see what your teachers have picked out. If you are unable to shop the book fair in person, you can make an eWallet for your teacher. We just ask that you communicated that you have gifted your teacher so they may shop before the book fair ends.